Momentos económicos… e não só

academic research in health economics – a personal view of years to come

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For the EuHEA PhD conference plenary session, I was asked to give some thoughts on the future of research in health economics, on what I think are important research topics and on what I anticipate will be the research in the field. These are two very different things, actually. My personal view is contained in the presentation, here.

In a brief summary, under-researched areas are market equilibrium (including competition aspects), political economy and institutions of health care, macro aspects of health care – concepts and guidance to empirical analysis and policy, and a different balance of theory and empirical work.

Comments and ideas most welcome.

(and if you want to know more about EuHEA, check here)


Autor: Pedro Pita Barros

Professor de Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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